Strategies vs. Tactics

So one of the first things I learned that when I started was that there are two different approaches to any marketing campaign.

Strategies and Tactics.

You may be saying “What is the difference?  Don’t those mean the same thing?”.  The answer is no they don’t, they are both used in tandem in order to execute on a plan.

A strategy is an evergreen practice, a path that requires no specific software or social media outlet to execute.  It is more of a concept and set of ideals that you find a way to execute on.  Email list building and marketing for instance is a strategy, and the main one I’m trying to execute on as of the time I’m writing this.

Notice that I didn’t say what specific ways I’m trying to build the email list or what I’m marketing to that list.  The ‘HOW’ of this strategy, the nuts and bolts of what I’m doing is the tactic.

The tactic can and will change as the crowd moves.  In the mid 2000’s MySpace would have been an excellent tactic to post to, make friends, and build a list.  That tactic however is no longer as lucrative and if you invested time and money in it your ROI for that would be significantly low.

That is the difference between strategies and tactics, strategies take much longer to become less useful .. and the best strategies NEVER lose usefulness.  It is never not a good idea to be genuine and honest with your customers, colleagues, and contemporaries.

Tactics change as markets shift and targets move.  Never fall so in love with a tactic that you would not be willing to change it or completely abandon it if no longer works, but at the same time don’t shift away from a proven strategy just because it may slow down for a while.


So as an example let’s look at one Strategy and Tactic combo that I am using right now.

Strategy:  Collect e-mail addresses from qualified leads so that I can grow a base of buyers and market to them.  One part of this strategy that a lot of people will fail to let you know about is that you do have to be constantly growing and pruning this list for MAXIMUM effectiveness.  Notice I didn’t say for any effectiveness, however most email processing companies ask you to pay by the amount of emails you send, and by pruning your list of non-buyers, you keep your costs down.  Also don’t prune you list from one email campaign, give your lead plenty of chances to buy from you before you decide that they are not a good lead.

As you can see this strategy is not tied to a specific tactic and will be useful for a long time.

smallTactic 1:  Lead Lightning System and Power Leads System – I have bought into a lead system that I can use to send potential leads to a video and email capture page to get email addresses from.  This system once I capture an email (which is mine to use as I please in other mail programs) will try to get that person to buy into the System itself.  If they buy in for the same $7 one time fee that I bought in for, I get a $6 commission.


Edit here, Thanks to the email campaign I show below some people saw the value in this system and bought in. Currently I have no buyers, but my email lead list is growing at a decent rate.  I can also upgrade at a later point if I wish and use the tools suite of the system to do full email campaigns and pitch any product I want.  I can at my level export my list and use another system like MailChimp or AWeber to run campaigns, but the Power Leads System also has recurring commissions for you if your referrals upgrade so once you have enough sales running each month I would recommend upgrading.



Tactic 2: Email Solo Ads – When I went thru the training modules from the Lead Lightning System they very strongly suggested Email Solo Ads.  These are when a person who has already built a list sells you an opportunity to get these people to see your pitch (in the form of what is called a “Swipe”) and click to see your opt-in page.

So far this has been the top converting opt-in option for me.  I generally get about a 40% opt-in rate on these and you can generally get these for about 100 clicks for $50.  Math time:

$50 for 100 clicks @ 40% opt-in rate = $50 for 40 opt-ins = $1.25 per opt-in

I have not yet gotten enough campaigns completed to start pruning, but when I do I will give a breakdown of it.


EasyHits4UTactic 3: Traffic Exchanges – A good way to get free hits to your opt-in page is Traffic Exchanges.  This is where you sign up with a site that asks you to ‘surf’ on their site and see different landing pages or opt-in pages that others are promoting.  You then get credits that you can assign to your landing pages or opt-in pages so that when others surf they get your ad.  Traffic Exchanges are good for free traffic, but there is a time component involved to surf the sites, or you can pay for these credits to get them without surfing.

I use EasyHits4U as my traffic exchange which allows you to not only have sites that are generally a 1:1 ratio for surfing, but you can also create text and banner ads that are FAR cheaper in credits than the pages.  In fact my best conversion on this site is from my banner ads (which look like the “Need Leads” picture you probably saw earlier in this article.



So you can see there is a definite difference between a Strategy and a Tactic, but you cannot separate them.  A Strategy without a Tactic has no motion and a Tactic without a Strategy has no direction.

It’s exactly like knowledge and action.


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