Why List Building Is Still King


Email Is Not Dead

There are many misconceptions about email marketing being dead.  From email being seen as spam to consumers being overloaded with emails.  The simple truth however is that email is still THE most used and most effective form of communication with your customers and leads.

The truth is there are 3x as many email accounts as Facebook and Twitter accounts combined.  While I am not saying that if you are using or having success with a your social media you should abandon it, but you should not ignore email as a tool in your arsenal.

Email is actually a better informing, better converting, better closing method than most other ad forms and here are a few of the reasons why.


1 – Your email list is already warm

You have taken the time to cultivate this list yes?  You’ve designed killer opt-in pages, great free offers, or some other value add proposition that gave your customer a reason to trust you with their email address.  The point is THEY ALREADY KNOW YOU, at least they have already heard of you.  They know what your business type is, they know the things you are trying to sell and they have already invited you into their email inbox.

The number one thing that keeps people from opening an email is not knowing the sender.  Even if they know you are maybe going to sell something to them, they at least know you from some random spammer that may end up being a “Nigerian Prince”.  Also if you have properly pre-qualified them then you know what type of thing they may be interested in.


2 – More people read their email daily than do anything else

This means that you will see quick action on your efforts.  Setting up a Facebook ad, you could wait up to 2 weeks before you know the full extent of your efforts.  With email marketing you know within just a few days the open rate, click rate, and conversion rate of 90+% of the emails you sent, allowing you to gather data, make adjustments, and increase conversion rates of your next campaign.


3 – You can make a responsive series of communications

With Facebook or Twitter you have one interaction with the customer in the hopes of getting them to warm up to your sale.  With an email list you have the ability to send multiple increasingly engaging interactions with that customer.  Your chances of closing that sale with followups goes up with every time they click on that email.


4 – Email marketing is cost effective

With the greater reach, responsiveness, and effectiveness of email you would think that this method would be expensive.  Anyone getting started should know the secret of MailChimp.  If you have less than 2000 people in your subscriber list MailChimp in all it’s glory costs exactly $0.  This means getting started in email marketing from a campaign perspective is not a barrier for even the starting entrepreneur.


What do these all mean?

I’m not saying that you should give up on social media. In fact, social media is an essential part of growing your email list.  By using things like the Facebook subscribe form and Twitter to get your social media fans and followers on your email list so that you can market to them.

What I’m saying is rather than getting lured in by people disparaging email in favor of social media, stop and think about whether it’s really the best marketing channel to be focusing your time and effort on. I think you might find that email is a method that’s worth a lot more of your time than you think.

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