About Me


I am probably a lot like you, and that is why and how you found me. I come from a lower middle class family in Northern California. We were never poor, but many of the better things in life were just beyond our reach. My mother was a single parent who did everything she could to give me a better life than hers and raised me with the help of her parents in a duplex.

From the beginning of my work life, I strived to do what my parents and grandparents did in order to be their best: work hard, save money, stick with one company for a long time, get married, have a family, and so forth.

When I started in the workforce in the early 90’s this was still a good path. I worked hard, trying to provide value for my employer and climb whatever ladder was there.

In my first job, I did this for 3 years and eventually became the assistant manager of a small chain store in a mall, and after all my hard work the company went under and I left with nothing more than I started with.

In my second job, I worked for a larger chain electronics store and did the same path. Worked hard, provided value and worked to assistant manager of a department. However once I was in management there I started to see how that corporate culture worked and it was not healthy. I spent most of my time trying to get associates to do a job they didn’t really want to do and pushing a bunch of what I knew were lies that I couldn’t fake believing in.

Needless to say that job soon self-destructed.

Now I work for a large telecom and have been for quite some time in an analytical capacity. I have gotten married to the love of my life, bought a house, have lots of friends, and generally am living the life I was originally looking forward to.

As I first began looking into working online, it was because debt was looming and I believed that my capacity to earn was capped.  Oh how the universe brings into existence what we need when we need it.  As I update this page new data has come forward.  One month after starting my current plan I found out that my position was moving from California to Texas.  While I was offered relocation, it was not something that me and my family could accept, so in three months time I will be without work.  10 years ago this would have scared the living crap out of me.  House payment, utilities, car payments, credit card payments … this would likely have given me an anxiety attack like you wouldn’t believe.  This was before I started taking my own freedom in hand.  Now I look forward to every day learning more and getting more freedom out of life.

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The freedom I am looking for is probably the same type of freedom you are looking for. I want the freedom to not have to depend on some corporate entity to provide me with the money to take care of my family. I want the freedom to be able to spend time with my wife, taking trips and going to nice places without worry. I want the freedom to be able to give my wife the experiences she has always wanted and make her dreams come true. While these freedoms all base themselves around a monetary freedom, what I really want are the experiences that that monetary freedom affords.

This site will be the record I will create of my successes, failures, strategies, and tactics of my journey towards that freedom. If you come along with me I hope that I can inspire you to action, clearing out the debris in front of you on your journey to success as well. I want to help everyone, even if you don’t join my team, because I believe in karma and the balance sheet of the universe, and that the positivity I put into the cosmos will come back to me tenfold.

On my page I should say most any advert, site, or system I talk about or pitch will be something that I will have the opportunity to benefit from either financially or otherwise. I promise to you however that if I am talking positively about a product then I am genuinely positive about it. As you will see on my blog I will also be negative about services, products, and systems that don’t work so that you stay away from them and don’t waste your time and/or money.

My goal is to bring value to your life and business, and in return my own business will grow and thrive.

Join me on this journey to freedom.